Healing Your Hormones   

     Our hormones are complex and challenging and it's hard to know where to start when you desperately need to heal in this area.  This was my story. I needed to heal first my female hormones (estrogen & progesterone), then my adrenal glands (adrenals are also part of your endocrine system), my thyroid, and finally my pancreas (I would have full blown Type II Diabetes if I didn't eat "The Mighty Fork" way.

     Where will you start to heal your female or male hormones? 

1st; Try eating to heal your hormones.  The Seed Rotation Diet by Magdalena Wszelaki on her website  www.hormonesbalance.com shows you how simple seeds can help to correct hormone imbalance.  She also has a new cookbook to take you even further to healing with food.  Need more estrogen?  She has a recipe for estrogen boosting crackers, etc.

Step 2; Try herbs to heal your hormones.  Testosterone can be greatly helped by Horny Goat Weed.  Progesterone and estrogen can be brought back into balance by Red Bush Tea (Rooibos tea).

Step 3; If you still need more help, try bio-identical hormones.  Emerita brand progesterone cream is a favorite of mine as I am low in progesterone. DHEA cream can help boost estrogen and testosterone.  A fabulous resource is John Lee's website and books https://www.johnleemd.com/

     Need to heal your adrenals?  This seemed so complex to me years ago but once I hacked it, it was fairly straightforward.  Avoid stress, rest, eat a "Mighty Fork" diet, get at least 1/4 tsp of high quality salt daily.  For recovering those burnt out adrenals, use Adrena-Stim cream by Apex Energetics (available on Amazon) in the morning to "teach" your adrenals when they need to work, and Adrena-Calm cream at 3 pm and then again at bedtime.  Also, a great adrenal glandular is important to supplement these tiny glands that do so much.  Do exercise but not hard excercise to further tax these little guys

     Need thyroid help?  This one probably requires a practitioner. What worked for me was low dose Armor Thyroid which is thyroid gland from pigs.  I don't know if it's still available but the website www.stopthethyroidmadness.com is the definitive source for all thyroid questions.

     Blood sugar issues like me?  This is the hormone insulin so avoid sugars and only eat sugar with a protein or a fat.  Avoiding sugar until at least 10 am (including fruit and fruit juice) will help you maintain healthy blood sugars. Then you'll never have to apologize for what you said when you were "hangry".  Eat a small amount of protein or fat every 2 hours to keep blood sugar levels healthy, and of course, eat real nutrient rich food.  Carry some "emergency" health food in your purse or your glove box like nuts, nut butters, & beef jerky.

And that was my long education to heal my hormones.  You might have other issues but this is definitely the way to find great answers.  Wishing you a forkful of blessings to heal those lovely hormones.

 What we eat, how we move, and what we think truly affects us.  I believe in teaching you how what I've discovered along the way. Join me in this amazing life.

"Heal me O Lord and I shall be saved, for You are my praise."  

Jeremiah 17:14


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