Class One: Healing with Foods

This class is FREE! The First Class and the one that lays the foundation for healing your body with great food!  You'll learn about the holy trinity of healing foods and why they are priceless to your healing!

*Please note, this class was recorded before I discovered amazing Fido jars.  If you have any questions, please email me or attend a sauerkraut class.  


This workbook is designed for school aged students through Adults!  You'll learn how to apply all the principles of "The Mighty Fork" in a 6 week course through cooking, and eating nourishing foods. Makes a great "Health Curriculum" for Home Schoolers. 

My favorite sauerkraut fermenting jar.  I've tried them all and this is my favorite for simplicity.  A must for making your own sauerkraut!



The Mighty Fork is a 501c3

We are advocates for mental and physical health through amazing nutrition.  Your donation helps others attend classes, receive books, educate schools, and support our community as we reach out with this vital information.  Please read our "Blog" to find out more!


Christmas School is an inspirational journey through Advent with your student in 1st through 12th Grade.  Join us on the fabulous adventure of Christmas School.

Stainless Steal Wide Mouth Funnel.  I don't know how I'd get along without it in my kitchen!  Perfect for sauerkraut and kefir preparation.

The real deal-dairy kefir grains to help you create this healing food.



This book will teach you how to restore yourself with amazing foods. I offer simple and practical advice, meal plans, recipes, and tips and tricks.